Logistics Consulting

Description of services

We offer optimal logistics by leveraging our strengths as a free-asset 3PL.

By utilizing our logistics know-how accumulated over the past 50 years, we present our customers with multiple proposals of optimal yet flexible logistics services. Customers can expect to further increase their profits through efficient cost cuts and by concentrating their management resources such as facility-, equipment- and personnel expenses in their core businesses.

Onsite diagnostics and analysis
Proposal as 3PL
free-asset 3PL
Providing logistics systems and strategies
Optimization of logistics

Flow of consulting services

Free-asset 3PL according to NHK Transport

NHK Transport, as a logistics provider with its foundations in the transport and warehousing businesses, offers free-asset 3PL, which combines both asset-based and non-asset-based 3PL, rather than offering non-asset-based 3PL alone. With the added benefits of our unique information systems, transport technology and inventory and quality systems, which we have been fostering over the past 50 years, we offer logistics systems and strategies with the primary purpose of optimizing our customers' logistics.

Major examples
Isehara Office: Managed our customer's logistics from a PL perspective
Kikukawa Distribution Center: Consolidated 13 inventory warehouses around the country and implemented country-wide distribution.
Tsuchiura Office: Carried out domestic/international logistics, inspection/stock-taking and WMS, and multiple deliveries at an Office adjacent to the plant.

Benefits for the customer

  • Enhancing the work quality and service levels
  • Reducing facility-, equipment-and personnel expenses
  • Reducing transport costs
  • Enhancing efficiency by changing the work flow
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