General Inventory Control / JIT Delivery Service

Description of services

Realizing efficient inventory control and JIT delivery to automobile manufacturers

Rigorous inventory control of our customers' products has been made possible by the online linking of the procurement systems of the automobile manufacturers with our unique general inventory control system. Based on order receipt information, we offer information on the number of necessary stock/inventory based on shipment results (current inventory), and inventory based on actual shipments (future inventory) on the web, and also provide JIT (Just In Time) delivery representative services.

The Company's unique general inventory control system (NWLS)

※NWLS=NTC World Logistic System
Adopted the latest automated rack system
Enhancing the efficiency of in-house logistics with turret trucks
Digital picking which enhances work quality

Benefits for the customer

  • Capable of handling delivery instructions unique to each automobile manufacturer
  • Able to grasp the status of inventory in real time
  • Reducing costs through shared storage and shared transport
  • Reducing warehouse management and cargo handling personnel
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