The logistics of NHK Transport

Description of services

The only logistics company dedicated to automobile parts that are compatible with all automobile manufacturers

Our strengths lie in our ability to propose flexible and optimal logistics regardless of the automobile manufacturer, as a logistics subsidiary of NHK Spring, an independent automobile parts manufacturer. We have adopted our unique system, in addition to the "procurement systems" of all automobile manufacturers, to comprehensively manage each process using IT ranging from the order receipt/placement from/to suppliers to inventory control, transportation/delivery and sales management, in an effort to dramatically expand our customers' revenues. It is also possible to optimize the entire supply chain and not only the supply system between companies.

Compatible with all manufacturers and capable of synchronized delivery
Transaction network with 350 companies around the country
Realizing intermodal logistics through international logistics
Proposing logistics systems tailor-made to the customer

Domestic logistics

International logistics

Benefits for the customer

  • Realizing central management of non-affiliated total logistics
  • Enhancing the efficiency of logistics systems
  • Reducing logistics costs by shared transport
  • Enhancing logistics quality Improving reliability through high speed services
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