Corporate Overview / History

Corporate Overview

EstablishedOctober 1, 1963
Address3-10 Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama
Phone Number045-788-0811
Fax Number045-701-5521
Name of representativeCEO, Shinichi Kouzawa
Capital120 million yen
Number of employees565 (As of March 31, 2023)
Business descriptionTransport services, storage services and
export/import services
Affiliated companiesNICHIWA CORPORATION
・SIAM NTC CO.,LTD. [Thailand]
Number of business vehicles177
ISO9001 certification14 offices
Green Management certification12 offices
G-Mark certification11 offices

Major business partners

  • · SUBARU Corporation
  • · Ichikoh Industries, Ltd.
  • · Autoliv Japan Ltd.
  • · Toa Industries Co., Ltd.
  • · Chiyoda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • · Nikko Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • · Bridgestone Corporation
  • · GKN Driveline Co., Ltd.
  • · Prospira Corporation
  • · The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
  • · Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.
  • · Highly Marelli Iwate Corporation
  • · Prospira Manufacturing
  • · LOGICOM Co., Ltd.
  • · Nihon Tokushu Toryo Co., Ltd.
  • · HEKIKAI KOUKI Co., Ltd.
  • · MAHLE Engine Components Japan Corporation
  • · Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd.
  • · BorgWarner Morse Systems Japan K.K.
  • (In no particular order)

Company History

1963JuneIssued (Limited) Cargo Automobile Transport Business License from the Tokyo Department of Motor Vehicles.
Trucks of Kawasaki Office
(circa 1963)
OctoberYokohama Office and Kawasaki Office (integrated into Yokohama Office in February 1991) commence operations.
1966JulyIna Station (Current Ina Branch) commences operations
1968MarchIssued (General) Cargo Automobile Transport Business License from the Tokyo Department of Motor Vehicles.
1969FebruaryIssued Cargo Automobile Transport Business License from the Nagoya Department of Motor Vehicles.
Headquarters / Yokohama Office
(circa 1972)
JuneNagoya Office (Current Toyota Umetsubo Office and Toyota Distribution Center) commences operations.
1970NovemberAtsugi Station (Current Atsugi Office) commences operations
1972April-NovemberKitagami Office (Closed December 1979) and Tokyo Station (Closed August 1974) commence operations.
Hamamatsu Office (Closed October 1978) and Kurihashi Office (Closed December 2014) commence operations.
1973OctoberShiga Office commences operations.
Ohta Office (circa 1979)
1975DecemberOhta Office commences operations.
1976AprilFujisawa Station (Closed January 1982) commences operations and Warehouse Section of Nagoya Offices
becomes the Toyota Distribution Center.
1977DecemberRegistered as Motor Truck Transportation Business
1979MarchOhta Distribution Center commences operations.
OctoberTsukuba Office commences operations.
Atsugi Packaging Center (circa 1984)
1980AprilAtsugi Packaging Center (Closed March 1998) commences operations.
1982OctoberKomagane Station (Current Ina Office) commences operations
1986FebruaryYasu Station (Current Yasu Office) commences operations.
1988FebruaryDowa Metals Co., Ltd. (Current NICHIWA CORPORATION) is launched as an affiliate.
DecemberThe joint venture, AUTRANS CORPORATION, is established with NHK SPRING CO. LTD. and Nissho Iwai Corporation (Current Sojitsu Corporation).
1989August-SeptemberAUTRANS CORPORATION commences operations.
Trucks (circa 1989)
1990SeptemberToyota Office (Current Toyota Distribution Center) commences operations.
1991FebruaryHeadquarters, Yokohama Office and Kawasaki Office are relocated to Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama.
1992OctoberFukuoka Office commences operations.
1997MarchKikukawa Distribution Center commences operations; streamlining of Toyota Office promoted through concentration on Toyota.
DecemberNew Nagoya Office completed.
1998JuneThe joint venture, AUTRANS (THAILAND) CO., LTD., is established with Nissho Iwai Corporation (Current Sojitsu Corporation) and the NHK Spring Group.
1999AugustYokohama Office receives ISO9001 certification.
2000NovemberOhta Business Dept. receives ISO9001 certification.
2001NovemberTsuchiura Station (Current Tsuchiura Office) commences operations.
2003JulyHeadquarters and Yokohama Office receive ISO14001 certification.
OctoberLogistics Business Division consolidates ISO9001 and ISO2000.
2004JanuaryUchigashima Warehouse of the Ohta Distribution Center commences operations.
2005FebruaryOverseas Business Division (Current Sales Division 1) is established.
JuneCustoms business permit obtained from Yokohama Customs.
OctoberChubu Distribution Center commences operation.
NovemberIsehara Office is relocated (to within ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES premises).
2006AprilFukuura Office commences operations.
2007JuneKomagane Office is relocated/name changed.(Current Ina Office)
2008MarchReceives Green Management certification.
(Ohta Distribution Center, Tsukuba Office, Atsugi Office, Toyota Umetsubo Office, Toyota Distribution Center, Chubu Distribution Center, Shiga Office and Ina Office)
DecemberG-Mark certification (Atsugi Office, Toyota Umetsubo Office, Toyota Distribution Center, Chubu Distribution Center, Shiga Office and Ina Office)
2009OctoberFujioka Office commences operations (within ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES premises).
DecemberTsukuba Office receives G-Mark certification.
2010MarchBoth Yokohama and Tsuchiura Offices receive
Green Management certification.
Current Ina Office
President addressing the
50th Anniversary celebration
DecemberYokohama Office receives G-Mark certification.
2011April Iwate Office commences operations.
April The overseas subsidiary,
SeptemberCustoms business permit obtained from Nagoya Customs.
2012AprilBusiness category of NHK TRANSPORT (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. is changed and registered.
NHK Spring drum players at the celebration
JuneNHK TRANSPORT(SHANGHAI)CO., LTD. Xiangyang Branch commences operations
2013JulyNHK TRANSPORT (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. Zhengzhou Branch commences operations
OctoberCommemorates 50th anniversary.
DecemberTsuchiura Office receives G-Mark certification.
2014JulyThe overseas subsidiary, SIAM NTC CO., LTD. is established.
September NHK TRANSPORT (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. Dalian Center commences operations
December Kansai Office commences operations.
Latest trucks
2015JanuaryNHK TRANSPORT (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD.Guangzhou Branch commences operations.
September Atsugi Logistics Center commences operations.
2016JanuaryAtsugi Office is relocated.
May Yokohama Office is relocated.
2017MayKikukawa Distribution Center is relocated.
December Obtained Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Certification
December Okayama Office commences operations.
2021DecemberTochigi Logistics Center begins operations
DecemberTochigi Logistics Center and Kansai Office get G-Mark
2022FebruaryKansai Office acquires Green Management
MarchWestern Distribution Center acquires Green Management