Consideration for the Environment

NHK Transport Co., Ltd. consistently aims to enhance operational quality, proactively carry out environmental measures
and strives to achieve proper corporate governance through strict compliance, in an effort to realize a more prosperous and sustainable society.

Consideration for the environment 1

We are proactively addressing the problems of the earth environment based on our Green Management Policy.

We received Green Management certification by the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation.
We conduct environmental conservation activities by utilizing the manual
prepared on the basis of the ISO14000 series, and by promoting "business management with less environmental impact."
Atsugi Office, Ina Office, Toyota Umetsubo Office, Toyota Distribution Center and Chubu Distribution Center, Shiga Office
Ohta Distribution Center, Tsukuba Office, Yokohama Office and Tsuchiura Office, Kansai Office, Western Distribution Center


Consideration for the environment 2

We are promoting eco-driving which is environmentally-friendly and cuts back on CO2 emission.

We are thoroughly teaching our drivers to "Maintain the correct tire pressure at the inspections prior to the shift,"
"Not load unnecessary items" and "Practice idling stop"
"Step on the gas pedal gently," "Use engine breaks downhill,"
"Use air-conditioning moderately" and "Drive at an economical speed"
"Try to drive at a given speed," "Conduct predictive driving and leave a comfortable space between you and the car in front of you" and "Illegal parking is strictly prohibited" "Sort trash from vehicles," and promoting eco-driving.

Consideration for the environment 3

We are aiming to reduce the environment burden by introducing the digital tachograph and enabling efficient transport.

By using the digital tachograph to manage the speed, the engine rpm and the status of idling,
and enabling safe and efficient transport, we will strive to cut back on fuel consumption and the emission of CO2.

Safe and efficient driving by using the digital tachograph
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