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We are engaged in activities to enlighten our employees to improve safe driving techniques, in an effort to realize safety and security as well as high logistics quality.

Initiatives towards safety

What NHK Transport can do to further enhance safety and security:

NHK Transport is engaged in activities to prevent traffic accidents and industrial accidents.
NHK Transport is reinforcing its management structure to enable safe operations, enhancing companywide awareness of safety and improving the working environment.

NHK TRANSPORT CO., LTD. Initiatives in transport safety management

FY2023 (April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024)

1.Safety / Quality Policy
Safety (workplace safety and transport safety) is the lifeblood of operations, and quality is the lifeblood of business transactions.
Safe driving is a public mission for professional drivers. We will earn the trust of our customers and stakeholders by ensuring safety and quality.
2.Goals based on the Safety Policy
(1)Major accidents: 0
(2)Traffic violations while on duty: 0
(3)Industrial accidents: 0
3.Plan for achieving the goals
(1)Safety education plan
(2)Taking driver aptitude tests (Twice a year)
(3)Taking education and training seminars by outside lecturers
4.Method of exchanging safety information
(1)Promoting "Close call reports" throughout the Company (Every month)
(2)Briefing sessions at internal meetings (Every month)
5.Goal achievement status (FY2022: Companywide)
(1)Major accidents: 0
(2)Traffic violations while on duty: Currently being tallied
(3)Industrial accidents while at work on the premises: 0
6.Major accidents that fall under Article 2 of the Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Regulations
(1)Goal: 0
(2)Actual results (Past 2 years):
FY Major accidents Accident category
Rollover accident Fall Fire At railroad crossing Collision Fatal injury Hazardous materials Others
FY2021 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
FY2022 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Shinichi Kouzawa , CEO

Transport safety
・Drive recorders and digital tachographs loaded on all vehicles
・Analysis of driving operations and instruction
・Roll call and checking for alcohol
・Inspections prior to shifts
・Traffic safety seminars
・Safe driving hazard prediction training
Safety in warehouses and on premises
・Top patrol
・Safety patrol
・Hazard prediction training activities
・Risk assessment activities
・Thorough enforcement of safety checks
・Companywide safety contests
・Close call activities
"G-Mark" certification as an safety excellence enterprise

Initiatives towards "Business Safety Assessment Carrier Truck (G-Mark system of certification)"

The certification of safety excellence enterprise, which is called "G-Mark" after the logo mark issued to its recipients, is awarded on a business location basis. To receive certification an enterprise must clear numerous items, including stringent assessment criteria such as those for traffic safety measures. NHK Transport's initiatives towards safety were recognized by the general public, as the Atsugi Office, Toyota Umetsubo Office, Toyota Distribution Center, Chubu Distribution Center, Shiga Office and Ina Office received certification simultaneously in 2008.

●Certification in 2008Atsugi Office, Toyota Umetsubo Office and Toyota Distribution Center, Chubu Distribution Center, Shiga Office and Ina Office
●Certification in 2009Tsukuba Office
●Certification in 2010Yokohama Office
●Certification in 2013Tsuchiura Office
●Certification in 2021Kansai Office, Tochigi Distribution Center
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